Graduate Travel on a Budget

Graduate travel on a budget needn’t be an elusive dream that is only attainable by others.

Upon leaving university, many graduates are faced with the daunting task of finding a job and establishing a life for themselves: pick a home, choose a job and decide how to utilise the knowledge gained from university. I now live in Nice and my first graduate job is in the Principality of Monaco; where might your adventure take you?

There are many reasons why you should concede and join the rat race.  But I implore you, don’t!

graduate travel on a budget

Travelling is a vital part of our development, from social, cultural and personal perspectives.

This travel blog is dedicated to sharing my experiences, demonstrating that graduate travel on a budget can be the next step on your journey. Through being savvy, I have managed to travel to many countries on either a very tight budget or with a wage in my pocket! I invite you to share your graduate travel on a budget stories. Let’s postpone growing up, for now.

I welcome all constructive comments on my articles. I am also available for freelance writing.

Happy travels!


graduate travel on a budget