Week 1 – Day 4 // Drawieński National Park

Every limb of my body may ache, but my spirit has been cleansed by the power of Mother Earth, following day 4.

IMG_3419Thursday saw us get back to nature in the breathtakingly beautiful Drawieński National Park. After spending the last few days admiring the landscape from the roads, we were finally able toreally breathe fresh air for the first time. And boy did we inhale deeply, even swallowing the odd gulp of water in the process!

The 40 minute drive to the day’s starting point resembled a history lesson more than a journey, with the towering forest providing the classroom, housing all manner of military points of interest. The first was a disused German bunker from WW2, barely large enough to house two soldiers. It was so well hidden by the dense forest that one unlucky German troop found himself stuck in Russian territory for 2 whole weeks, before having to surrender. The second sight was an old iron bridge, which was the only one of its kind not to be destroyed by the Germans prior to an impending attack from the Russians.IMG_3326

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Week 1 – Day 3


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