Week 1 – Day 5 // Drawieński National Park and Wałcz

IMG_3441At 5:00 am, under a veil of darkness, the choking engine of the Land Rover piercedthe tranquility of morning as it roared into life. When I perused the word ‘hunting’on the day’s itinerary, I was altogether horrified, but these concerns turned into excitement upon learning that the only shots we’d be firing would be from a camera.

Dreary eyed, Marcin and I clambered aboard, cameras in hands, to accompany Sebastian to the depths of the forest. We’d been forewarned not to apply strongly scented toiletries, for fear of scaring the animals; I was more concerned about attracting the wolves! These anxieties were amplified on our arrival in Drawieński National Park, as Sebastian advised us that three packs of wolves inhabited the region. The headlights went dim and we were immersed into darkness once again.

IMG_3465Practically tiptoeing from tree to tree, each of my footsteps on the mossy undergrowth incited a pang of nervousness. We took cover under the branches of a tall pine tree, surveying the open field before us. The forest was silent. We sat completely still for roughly 20 minutes. As day began to break, the dewy grass shone, but, apart from the odd bird, there was still no sign of any creatures. Sebastian silently motioned for us to move on.

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Week 1 – Day 4


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